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Fried tomato recipe Recipes with photos of Turkish cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Fried Tomato -easily prepares Turkish dish, well suited for breakfast or as a snack. Complement and refresh recipe chopped cilantro or parsley. Ingredients fried tomato Eggs -8 pcs.

Satzivi Sauce
satzivi Sauce is used in recipes when cooking meat and fish dishes. Satsivi primenyatesya also for cooking of poultry and vegetables. Ingredients: Nuts -500g Broth -100-150 ml. Garlic -5-6 cloves Cilantro -1-2 beam Coriander powder -1 tbsp.

French is recognized by the world. National cuisine of France is the standard for kitchens around the world. French cuisine has shaped modern table etiquette, which largely determines the cultural level of the people.

Vegetarian moussaka recipe with photos Greek Recipes
recipe dishes c photo Vegetarian moussaka -recipe classic Greek cuisine in a vegetarian version, a very good moussaka served with warm bread and red wine.

Green rice recipe with photos Recipes Mexican cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Green rice -the national dish of Mexican cuisine. Thanks to the fresh green rice lightly colored, giving the dish an original look.

Aubergine stuffed with photos recipe Recipes Spanish cuisine
recipe dishes c photo In Spain love eggplant and dishes prepared on the basis of eggplant. Stuffed eggplant with Bechamel are no exception. eggplant stuffed Ingredients Eggplant -2 pcs.

Soup "Krchik" recipe with photo Armenian cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Soup "Krchik" -the first recipe of Armenian dishes, soup cooked with sauerkraut and a little reminiscent of borscht. soup Ingredients "Krchik" Sauerkraut -200 g potatoes -2 pcs.

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