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Quince jam recipe with photos Uzbek cuisine
recipe dishes c photo quince jam -recipe Uzbek dishes, quince has a very beautiful color and wonderful flavor. quince jam Ingredients Quince -1 kg Sugar -1.5 kg Vanilla sugar -1 tsp.

Tzhvzhik recipe with photo Armenian cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Tzhvzhik -the national dish of Armenian cuisine. The recipe is made from beef liver. Sometimes when cooking Tzhvzhik add tomato paste and vegetables. Tzhvzhik Ingredients Beef liver -300 g Onion -2 pcs.

Roll "Sausage" recipe with photo Soviet kitchen
recipe dishes c photo Roll "sausage" -recipe cooking Soviet cuisine that everyone is familiar from childhood. A sausage can easily prepare any person, even a child, but as it is delicious, no words.

Nutmeg Lat. Myristica -an evergreen tree of the family muskatnikovye. Grows up to 12 meters. It is a tropical plant that proizrostaet in Eastern Indonesia. Chemical composition: The composition of nutmeg include myristicin, safrole, elemitsin, metilizoevgenol, methyl eugenol.

Mishnah recipe with photo Moroccan cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Mishnah -Moroccan cuisine recipe, the recipe is very simple and interesting, this Moroccan dish can be served chilled. Mishna Ingredients Chicken -500 g Eggs -18 pcs.

In Uzbek pilaf recipe with photos Uzbek cuisine
recipe dishes c photo believed that the most delicious Uzbek pilaf cooked in the Ferghana Valley, because the recipe cooking pilau use local rice varieties devzira.

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