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Ayngemahts recipe Recipes with photos of Jewish cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Dish ayngemahts , one of the recipes of the Jewish cuisine, prepared on the basis of a radish and honey. Ayngemahts can be served as sweet tea, spread on muffins or pancakes.

Pancakes Pumpkin recipe Recipes with photos of Belarusian cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Pumpkin Pancakes -Belarusian pancake recipe with the addition of pumpkin puree, these pancakes are prepared by leaps and bounds. pumpkin pancakes Ingredients Pumpkin -1 kg Milk -0.5 liter Yeast -15 g dry 1.5 tsp.

Patatopita recipe with photos Greek Recipes
recipe dishes c photo Patatopita -one of the national dishes of Greek cuisine, patatopita -thin-crust pie with potato and rice stuffing. To cake can serve fresh vegetables.

Potato salad in Indian recipe with photos Indian recipes
recipe dishes c photo Potato Salad Indian- -the recipe is very easy to prepare, rich and at the same time a light salad with a refreshing hint of mint and lemon. potato salad ingredients in Indian Potatoes -4 pcs.

Fried carrot balls recipe Recipes with photos of Turkish cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Fried carrot balls - Recipe Turkish cuisine cooking, balls are very soft, almost airy. Carrots -2 kg Garlic -2 cloves Parsley -1 bunch green onions -1 bunch dill -1 bunch Apricots -200 g Eggs -1 pc. Breadcrumbs -3 tbsp.

Armenian Cuisine Recipes
Armenia is located in the east of the Armenian Highland in Asia Minor, the Armenian Plateau is home to the oldest cultivated wheat. In addition to wheat, in the Highlands grows a huge variety of crops.

Stuffed beef medallions with photos recipe Recipes French cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Stuffed beef medallions -recipe of French cuisine, with a filling medallions with cream cheese mixed with herbs and served with fried mushrooms and boiled rice.

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