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Parsley Lat. Petroselinum -biennial cross-pollinated plant family Umbelliferae. As spice parsley began to use in the Middle Ages thanks to Charlemagne, who ordered her to grow in their gardens.

Bozartma Chicken recipe with photo Azerbaijan cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Bozartma Chicken -Azerbaijani cuisine recipe, easy to prepare and very tasty dish. Ingredients Chicken meal bozartma Chicken -1 pc. Potatoes -1 kg Onions -2 pcs.

Salad with pepper recipe with photos Recipes Bulgarian cuisine
recipe dishes c photo salad with pepper -the national dish of Bulgarian cuisine. Bulgarian salad with pepper gives a very bright, beautiful, and most importantly -delicious.

Parkin recipe with photos Recipes British cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Parkin -Yorkshire parkin. Light molasses in the recipe can be replaced with honey, maple syrup or corn, as well as and sugar syrup. parkin Ingredients Flour -350 g Sugar -4 tbsp.

Prunes in milk recipe Recipes with photos of Belarusian cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Prunes in milk -Belarusian cuisine recipe, baked milk sour milk to the state. prunes Ingredients in milk Prunes pitted -100 g Milk -800 ml Sugar -2 tbsp.

Tincture with honey "Krambambulya" recipe Recipes with photos of Belarusian cuisine
recipe dishes c photo tincture with honey "Krambambulya" -Belarusian recipe tinctures, Krambambulya consumed before the revolution, but after this drink is somehow lost, but lately it is becoming more popular.

Harira lentil recipe with photo Moroccan cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Harira lentil -recipe Moroccan cuisine, Hariri -it is a thick soup of lamb or veal.

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