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Curd recipe Easter Recipes with photos of Russian cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Easter curd -a festive recipe Russian cuisine, easter prepared from cottage cheese with the addition of candied fruit.

Yahniya eggplant recipe with photos Recipes Bulgarian cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Yahniya eggplant -one of the national Bulgarian cuisine recipes, roasted vegetables, baked in the oven with the addition of grated cheese.

Lentils and rice recipe with photos Fakorizo Greek Recipes
recipe dishes c photo Lentils with rice Fakorizo -Greek recipe, fakorizo can be served as a side dish or as a warm salad.

Appetizer of roasted eggplant recipe with photos Greek Recipes
recipe dishes c photo appetizer of roasted eggplant -recipe of Greek cuisine, a snack vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice. Ingredients snack of roasted eggplant Eggplant -500 g tomatoes -1-2 pieces.

Sweet loksh-kugel recipe Recipes with photos of Jewish cuisine
recipe dishes c photo Sweet loksh-kugel -recipe Jewish cuisine, egg noodles can be bought in a shop or cook. Ingredients sweet loksh-Kugel Egg noodles -350 g apples -5 pcs.

Turnips stuffed bread stuffing recipe with photos of Russian cuisine Recipes
recipe dishes c photo Turnips stuffed with bread stuffing -recipe Russian cuisine, this dish can submit custard. Ingredients turnip stuffed bread stuffing Turnip -7 pcs.

Barbecue - a kebab salad recipe with photo Azerbaijan cuisine
recipe dishes c photo In Armenian cuisine to shish kebab served roasted vegetables on skewers. Sometimes finely chopped and served as a salad. Azerbaijani cooks slightly reworked recipe cooking this dish, and turned its traditional "Barbecue" -a kebab salad . Ingredients for salad kebab Eggplant -2 pcs.

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